Jenni Parkinson

Jenni Parkinson, Director

Jenni Parkinson BiogI am a creative facilitator, percussionist, collaborative musician and adventurer. I believe in music as escapism, expression, communication and celebration. I am fascinated by the links between music and the human brain, and the synchronicity we achieve through musicking together. In my travels in Africa and South America I have been happily consumed by the living breathing musical cultures, where music and dancing fills streets and communities and is inseparable from life itself. I would like to see a shifting perspective in the UK, with people discovering their own capacities to create and become immersed in music. My mission comes alive through Soundcastle, where meeting and creating with amazingly diverse groups of people leads to a world of new connections and possibilities.

When I am off duty I might be dancing the night away, brushing up on some language skills or lost in a travel guide planning my next adventure.