Music and Heritage Example Package

Music and Heritage

Who is it for?
  • Heritage organisations, galleries and schools looking for an alternative way to explore history and stories!
Where can it happen?
  • Anywhere with a heritage tale to inspire creativity/ a school or education centre of a museum or gallery.
What could could the
project involve?
  • CelebrationThe creation of brand new music, reflective of the heritage topic
  • Playing musical instruments
  • Singing
  • Songwriting and Composing
  • Performing at local events
  • Connecting different groups of people
  • Exploring interesting spaces and acoustics
What could the outcomes be?          
  • Joy To Filth WF Summer Party WEBMusic representative of the groups and their stories
  • Compositions that explore your heritage themes
  • A raised profile for your organisation
  • A deeper understanding of the heritage in focus
  • Collaborations across generations
  • Community connections forged
What else can be provided?
  • Use of Musical instruments including keyboards, ukuleles, recorders, iPads
  • Project Blog including audio
  • Refreshments
  • CD of music made for participants


Read more about our work with Heritage organisations here.

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