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British Museum Autumn 2015

British Museum 1As Community Partners of the British Museum we have created artistic happenings in association with various community groups local to Bloomsbury. Most recently we guided an exciting intergenerational collaboration with Regent High, Castlehaven Community Association and th
e British Museum, resulting in a performance called ‘Sound Circles of Protection’.

The audience were welcomed to experience a sound installation, created as our combined  response to the Egypt; Faith after the Pharaohs exhibition. Inspired by stories of daily life enshrined by mystery and magic, our sounds focussed on the collaborative nature of people of different faiths, coming together at moments throughout history to protect each other from outside forces. We explored this idea with our music, journeying through looping rhythms and grooves, soundscapes, melodies and beats. We invited them to take a personal moment of reflection within our circles of protection and to experience connections impossible to convey with words alone.

Read the project blog and have a listen here!

British Museum 2‘A
wonderful collaboration. The proof was in the public rehearsal/performance in the Great Court which grew at each stage with the confidence of the performers into a piece of real beauty, emotion and power. I certainly felt protected, and all the participants, whether younger or older and those who guided, inspired and supported them should feel extremely pleased with the amazing results. We all know that it is not always like this which is why I hope that we’ll be able to find other opportunities to work together in the future and to encourage connections between our institutions, organisations and colleagues.’

Education Team, British Museum

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