Musical Beacons: A Soundcastle Toolkit for Music Projects with Families

Hannah from Soundcastle blogs about our ongoing Families Music Project Musical Beacons and the release of our latest Soundcastle Toolkit.

DSC_2945Soundcastle’s latest practical toolkit has just been released! Inspired by Soundcastle’s own Musical Beacons (funded by Youth Music) the toolkit functions as an introductory guide to the set-up and running of a creative family music project. It features step-by-step instructions for nine example creative processes including warm-ups, creative tasks and specialised early years activities and in addition to this, it includes the essentials of project management as well as advice on evaluation. This is all for free! Simply visit the Soundcastle webpage here to download it:

Musical Beacons Toolkit 2015

The philosophy behind every Soundcastle project is one of equality, freedom of expression and strength in unity. This philosophy grows from our own unique Soundcastle methodology,  a process of creative facilitation which stems from the people we are collaborating with and the unique moment in time that we have all come together. Through implementing this methodology in family music projects, we encourage people to make friendships across age groups, children collaborating with adults to create something new together on an equal level. We believe that when many voices, ideas and views are combined, the consequence is that communities become stronger. This applies both creatively within our music-making sessions with project participants and also throughout our whole organisation, in the way we function as a management team to our relationships with our partners.

Are you thinking about setting up your own Families Music Project? Or are you already running one? What are the challenges and highlights you experience? Let us know in your comments!
Check out the toolkit and if you have any further questions, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us on