Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto

‘There are cultures in the world where to say “I’m not musical” would be meaningless, akin to saying “I’m not alive”’

Phillip Ball, The Music Instinct (2010)


Music is for everyone. It is a fundamental part of being human. It is the first thing that we respond to when still in the womb, and it is the last thing preserved in our memory.

At Soundcastle, we work to:

  • Advocate that everyone has the power to make music and the right to feel ownership of it.
  • Spark a social revolution, instigating active music-making in people’s lives, homes and communities,
  • Celebrate the incredible power of music to connect people across language and social barriers and its profound and positive effect on our health and wellbeing,
  • Promote socially grounded approaches to participatory music-making through the Soundcastle Theory of Practice.


Our social mission is at the heart of how we function:

  • We are a social enterprise –  we do not make a profit but reinvest in Musical Beacons.
  • We produce evidence and research to innovate the field of socially-engaged music-making.
  • We embed in local communities and aim to recruit locally.
  • We engage visionary, exceptional facilitators.
  • We strive for sustainability and lasting impact.

We welcome you to read our ToP here:

Soundcastle Theory of Practice.

We always welcome thoughts, feedback and challenges!