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Soundcastle is a music social enterprise that connects communities through creative music-making. Founded in 2011 by directors Rachael Perrin, Gail Macleod,  Jenni Parkinson and Hannah Dunster,  the company has been built on a shared passion for advancing the field of creative music facilitation and the drive to develop a socially responsible arts organisation. From its first roots in London, Soundcastle has now expanded to Brighton and Bristol. Embedding our work in diverse contexts, ranging from museums to social care, we facilitate processes that enable people with any or no level of musical experience to create imaginative and thought-provoking new music. People and places are at the heart of what we do.

All four Soundcastle directors artistically create and direct music projects and actively engage in ongoing practical research.  The team expertise and experience covers work with people of all ages and backgrounds, from early years to third age and care homes, and across all areas of education from nursery to higher and adult education.  We also have significant experience working with both adults and children with learning difficulties as well as in social and healthcare settings. Alongside the directors, Soundcastle engage a team of highly trained associate facilitators who support our delivery and research.

‘I have observed how Soundcastle have been able to engage with members of the public, bringing them into their music and bringing out in them talents which they, perhaps, were unaware of.’  

Sigrun Saevarsdottir-Griffiths
Programme Leader, Guildhall and Barbican Creative Learning Division

Our Team


Rachael Perrin

Rachael Perrin MMus GSMD, BMus(Hons) GSMD

Hannah Dunster

Hannah Dunster MMus GSMD, BA(Hons) University of Nottingham

Jenni Parkinson

Jenni Parkinson MMus GSMD, BMus(Hons) RCM

Gail Macleod

Gail Macleod MMus GSMD, BMus(Hons) RAM