Soundcastle have Youth Music Funding!

Hannah from Soundcastle blogs about our flagship Families Music Project, Musical Beacons and what the latest round of Youth Music funding will enable us to achieve.

Community Music ProjectsSoundcastle are delighted to officially announce that we are the recipients of the most recent round of Youth Music Funding! This funding will enable us to continue, develop and expand our flagship project, Musical Beacons which provides access to music for many families in Bow, East London.

Soundcastle believe that everyone should have access to music. It is a fundamental part of being human, a vital communication tool and strengthens relationships in a subliminal, uncomplicated way. Musical Beacons is a creative space, free from hierarchy, where parentsDSC_0881 and children learn together and from each other through fun and interactive musical activities. Guided by highly experienced musicians and facilitators, parents and children have the chance to work together with other family groups to create their own music and songs as well as learning musical instruments.  The most important thing is that the group always explores and celebrates the music they want to make right now, truly representative of them as people at the current moment in time. The result is exciting and challenging new music and as a consequence, stronger families and a close,  collaborative community.

In addition, this Youth Music funding will enable Soundcastle, for the first time, to expand our team in order to further our reach and potential as an organisation. We will be taking on three new associate leaders who will have vital roles in facilitating the creative processes at Musical Beacons. Whilst they will be highly experienced practitioners, Soundcastle will also guide them in our own method of facilitation, a philosophy and set of values designed to embrace every facilitator’s individual strengths and unique style whilst ensuring that the creative voice of the participants is always the fundamental musical outcome.

We would like to extend our congratulations to all other recipients of Youth Music funding – these include but aren’t limited to London based organisations such as Sound Connections, Drake Music, Haringey Shed, Creative Futures and Fairbeats who are doing such exciting and inspiring work.

We are so excited to begin the next phase of Musical Beacons! The first sessions take place during the week of the 10th-14th August 2015. Following this, we will run weekly sessions throughout the Autumn term (September-December 2015). It is free and open to all families so please spread the word!

For more information, please contact Gail Macleod, Project Manager for Musical Beacons.

Email:  Tel: 07840 524 968.
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For a full list of all Youth Music funding recipients for April 2015, click here.