Soundcastle Theory of Practice

The Soundcastle Theory of Practice

In modern society, social isolation, cultural differences and a lack of community connectedness are ever present issues. It is within this context that the Soundcastle Theory of Practice seeks to make change. Our practice aims to genuinely empower communities in collective musicking, exploring how meaningful facilitation can lead to community connectedness through music.

We challenge the concept of outreach, instead promoting local music made by and for local people.  This is a living, practical approach which continues to adapt to new settings and challenges, growing from community and context. Its site-responsive and therefore flexible parameters are vital to its success.

Our implementation has been andsc_3015 ongoing learning experience as well as deeply rewarding, resulting in members of communities musicking beyond projects, within their homes and schools and even setting up their own music groups. We believe it is time for anyone who wishes it, to reclaim their human right to make music and invite others to join them and a socially grounded approach to musicking is at the heart of this.

The Soundcastle Theory of Practice was first presented at ISME (International Society for Music Education) 2016 in Glasgow and will be published as part of their conference proceedings in 2017.

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