The Power of the Early Years Participant

Hannah from Soundcastle blogs about our love of Early Years project participants and how they increase a group’s potential for high-quality music-making.

DSC_3182Ever since Soundcastle formed in 2011, our work has taken us invariably into early years contexts. This does not mean that we have been working exclusively with 0-5 year olds. It simply means that we consistently welcome them into our music groups alongside their parents and older siblings. We encourage participants to come to our projects such as Musical Beacons in their family groups, strengthening their own personal bonds through music, exploring communicating with each other in new ways and most importantly, having fun together!

Why are so many activities age restricted? Who says that you are too old, too young, too babyish or too old-fashioned to take part? Music is for everybody! And when we release ourselves from the constraints of genre and start creating our own brand new sounds, it becomes apparent that mixed age groups have a natural ability to collaborate and can portray powerful and united messages through their music.

EnergyOur early years participants consistently bring a whole new feel to our workshops. Completely uninhibited, they may choose an expressive dance rather than words to communicate an idea or tell a story to stretch our imagination to a level we never knew possible. With the right guidance, they have no fear to stand up in front of and lead a room full of 30 people! As a direct result of this, they inspire the rest of us, both facilitators and older participants. Adults who wouldn’t dream of dancing like starlings through the sky in front of a room full of their peers, suddenly break into flight when doing so alongside a 3 year old.

As a result, our music becomes stronger and more daring! Participants lose their fear of the unknown and push their idea of what music actually is to a new level. Never underestimate the power of the early years participant to remind us of the inherent musical instinct we are all born with and the ability each of us have to find it once more!

Soundcastle haEarly Years Music Trainingve a range of Early Years and Family Music projects on offer throughout the Summer.  Perfect for Summer Festivals, Family Days or simply a chance to brighten up the classroom as the holidays draw near, our Early Years Music Workshops always get children and adults singing, dancing and smiling together. so please contact us if you would like to celebrate the sunshine with a fun and vibrant music workshop!