The Soundcastle Method

DSC_0893resizedThe Soundcastle Method

The Soundcastle Method is a creative music-making model designed to be adaptable to varying social needs and situations. It is not a formula. It is a philosophy, communication strategy and set of values.  The Soundcastle Method is about seeking systemic change in the way we view those around us, promoting community connectedness by constantly creating new music relevant to the precise moment it is made in.

The Soundcastle Method is a framework for creating new music with any group of people, guided by a facilitator. The starting point is a group of people, a place and a moment in time, and the ultimate intention to create music to be played or sung by that group as a cohesive ensemble. The approach is inclusive, promotes integration and  is adaptable to diverse settings. The focus is on the participant voice; we remove hierarchy from music-making and celebrate equality and trust. This means that the participants have an equal voice to the facilitator which greatly advances their ownership of a creative process. We have developed the Soundcastle Method through active research – trialling, reflecting on and refining our approach through ongoing project delivery, as well as engaging with the latest relevant research to ensure that we are on the cusp of developments in the field. The Method enables the creation of consistently high-quality new music and musical experiences, which also lead to stronger communities and improved integration. We aim for this to inspire a musical revolution that goes beyond our projects, into the streets and into homes and communities.

dsc_0145-299x198We offer high-level consultancy in the Soundcastle Method which currently specialises in Families Music Projects and the Art of Facilitation. We embed this approach through project delivery and consultancy in partnership with community organisations. In addition, we evaluate the progress of projects in terms of the successful application of the Soundcastle Method and advising on future progression routes.

In addition to this we offer a six-part Continuing Professional Development course in the Soundcastle Method of facilitation. Please contact for more details.