If you are interested in music-making and want to get involved with local communities in East London and Sussex, we welcome you to apply to volunteer with Soundcastle. You don’t need to have any previous music experience, simply a passion for working with people!

Our volunteers are a vital part of the Soundcastle team, bringing a positive energy to our projects and helping to create a safe space in which people feel comfortable to create new music. In return, we make sure that our volunteers get the best possible support and gain experience that they may be able to take forward and apply to their future career paths.

Every Soundcastle volunteer will:

  • ChrisGlorExperience and be part of exciting and groundbreaking approaches to creative music-making
  • Become a valued team member on a unique community project
  • Build relationships with inspiring communities
  • Enhance key skills for their future careers
  • Have ongoing contact with the Soundcastle team for advice beyond the end of their project
  • Receive a personal reference

Musical Beacons Group

‘Every session was a highlight for me, and it was a joy to be part of their incredible work nurturing creativity, identity and musical ability in the local community. I… learnt a vast amount observing and participating. I was consistently amazed by the beautiful, spirited music Soundcastle participants created under their leaders’ guidance. I highly recommend volunteering with Soundcastle.’
Lindsey Fillingham, Musical Beacons Volunteer



Please note that to volunteer with Soundcastle, you must have an up-to-date DBS certificate.

If you would like to discuss becoming a Soundcastle volunteer further, please contact hannah@soundcastle.co.uk.