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'Music for all through community and community for all through music'

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Soundcastle is a music social enterprise that connects communities through creative music-making and promotes broader creative thinking through practical coaching for creatives and training for arts facilitators. Founded in 2011 by directors Rachael Perrin, Gail Macleod, Jenni Parkinson and Hannah Dunster, the company has been built on a shared passion for advancing the field of creative music facilitation and the drive to develop a socially responsible arts organisation. From its first roots in London, Soundcastle has now expanded to Bristol and the South East of England. Embedding our work in diverse contexts, we facilitate processes that enable people with any or no level of musical experience to create imaginative and thought-provoking new music. People and places are at the heart of what we do.

In 2012 we established Musical Beacons in Bow, a project bringing together families to write new music that celebrates and explores the world around them.  Over time this model has become part of our core delivery, fostering intergenerational music making at the heart of communities.

Since 2017 we have also been working closely with Sussex recovery college delivering sessions for adults with mental health challenges.  Our People’s Music Collective is the end point of a series of courses within which adults explore improvisation through sound and movement.  This group devises its own performances, celebrating the abilities and strengths of the community.

The directors are also all active in supporting the next generation of creative thinkers and arts facilitators.  Hannah, Gail and Rachael are all trained coaches, supporting creatives entrepreneurs and artists to put their plans into action.  They work with organisations such as the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and Aldeburgh Young Musicians as well as within the established coaching practice which is a core part of Soundcastle’s ethos.  Jenni has been a key member of the team establishing the inclusive music Certificate for Music Educators in Bristol, improving the diversity of the work force and awareness of the issues involved.

All four Soundcastle directors artistically create and direct music projects and actively engage in ongoing practical research.  Alongside, Soundcastle engage a team of highly trained associate facilitators who support our delivery and research.  

The team’s expertise and experience covers work with people of all ages and backgrounds, from early years to third age and care homes, and across all areas of education from nursery to higher and adult education. Alongside the directors, Soundcastle engage a team of highly trained associate facilitators who support our delivery and research and an incredible development & finance manager!



Rachael Perrin

MMus GSMD, BMus(Hons) GSMD

Hannah Dunster

MMus GSMD, BA(Hons) Nottingham Uni

Jenni Parkinson


Gail Macleod

MMus GSMD, BMus(Hons) RAM



Susie Blankfield

Fernando Machado

Chiel Busscher

Ruth Perrin