Playful People Making Change

SUSSEX & London


We make music. We see joy and potential, love and friendship.

Do you believe in the power of music to change lives?

We do.

…and join our amazing community of Soundcastle Supporters today.

Then the next time you read something like this:

‘I don’t feel lonely anymore’

‘I feel more confident, more in harmony with the world’

‘I am able to speak out, and express ideas, without being considered unimportant, or simply ignored’

You’ll know that you’re a part of that journey.

And that’s a pretty special feeling.

Did you know?

Donate through Give as you Live Donate

As well as a donation, you can then also help raise money for Soundcastle by just doing your shopping!

We don’t tell sob stories. We celebrate the brilliance of individuals.
That doesn’t mean lives are always easy,
they can be heartbreaking
and messy.
It’s about perspective.

We have the team, the instruments, the musical magic, the evidence.

Now we need the funds to grow.

Every donation goes directly to the heart of Soundcastle – enabling us to make more music, with more people.
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