Soundcastle Theory of Practice

The Soundcastle Theory of Practice was first presented at International Society for Music Education and has been published as part of their conference proceedings

Download the full paper submission

Social isolation, cultural differences and a lack of community connectedness are ever-present issues in modern society. Our Theory of Practice aims to counter this by genuinely empowering communities in collective musicking, exploring how meaningful facilitation can lead to community connectedness through music.

We challenge the concept of outreach, instead promoting local music made by and for local people.  This is a living, practical approach which continues to adapt to new settings and challenges, growing from community and context. Its site-responsive and therefore flexible parameters are vital to its success.

This practice continues to grow and develop through our ongoing embeded creative community music projects which have often resulted in community members musicking beyond far beyond projects, within their homes and schools and even setting up their own music groups.  For the full paper please see the link. You can also read the Conference’s Proceedings here.

Our manifesto:
Musicking is for everyone, to own, to create, and to be part of. It is time for our communities to reclaim musicking and build their connectedness.  The Soundcastle Theory of Practice is how we seek to bring about change.