What We Do

We support people and communities to make positive change through creative music making, coaching and training.

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Soundcastle’s aims are:

  • To tackle social isolation and encourage community connection by using the creative arts as a tool for social change
  • To celebrate each individual or organisation’s unique ideas and capabilities and empower them to turn these things into reality through coaching in creative enterprise
  • To advance, research, develop and share facilitation approaches adaptable to diverse social settings, where community members are at the heart of creative thinking, creative practice and creative change.
We partner with communities in London, Bristol and Sussex and use creative music making to enhance wellbeing, resilience and confidence. Soundcastle specialise in working with families and adults with mental health challenges.
We support creative individuals and organisations to grow their ideas, believe in their vision and develop an entrepreneurial mindset. We nurture and challenge people to develop their careers and organisations, to have positive social impact.
We offer both creative facilitation and creative enterprise training. We host CPD sessions for arts facilitators in family, education and mental health settings. We also train creative entrepreneurs in all aspects of creative business growth, from project design and evaluation to fundraising and networking.