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What We Do.

Let us tell you about the ripple effect ...

... it underpins absolutely everything that we do.

We make ripples of change in micro-communities:

We use music to create meaningful, ongoing relationships that last. Our direct reach in grassroots communities is intentionally small because we choose to fill gaps in provision.

The ripple effect grows through our national impact:

We deliver presentations, training, commissions and model best practice. We support and inspire the development of inclusive, wellbeing focused spaces inside other organisations.

“It was the first time I have ever seen my child relax, it was priceless”
Parent, Musical Beacons Bristol.

“… a pool of exceptional knowledge that has helped to shape our approach to inclusive practice. The Soundcastle approach to community music-making is essentially an art form”. Bristol Music Trust.

We can be found working in two places...

Each programme is another opportunity for communities thrive and practitioners to grow.

Each is a road to increased confidence, reduced isolation and enhanced well-being.

Explore them now:

All our work is underpinned by a decade of working in grassroots communities.

Click to dive deeper into our theory of practice behind everything that we do:

Musical Beacons supports family and community connections, enabling leadership skills to flourish in children and encouraging creativity in everyone.

Musical Beacons is specifically designed to reach families who may have less access than others to creative activities by partnering with housing associations, children’s centres or care settings.

The Musical Beacons programme operates in three sites across the country: London (Waltham Forest), South East (Newhaven, Eastbourne & Hastings) and Bristol.
Contact one of the regional directors to talk more about Musical Beacons:
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Musical Beacons funder Paul Hamlyn Foundation
People's Music Collective workshop
The People’s Music Collective celebrates the creativity, resilience and voice of people who have a mental health diagnosis.

We use collaborative music-making to strengthen mental health recovery and reduce social isolation during challenging times. Our community members work together to build trust, playfulness and creativity, leading to the creation of brand new music.

Exploring improvisation is at the root of what we do and enables us to welcome anyone to join the band from experienced musicians to those discovering music-making for the first time.

Every programme is co-produced with mental health practitioners as well as the community members who form the band, ensuring that we work as one collective voice. Members are offered training in music facilitation skills and if they wish, take it in turns to lead the group through musical creation processes.

Through recordings and public performances, we tackle the stigma of mental ill health and celebrate the diversity, strength and creativity of our community.

Contact Hannah to talk more about The People’s Music Collective:

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Through the Soundcastle Community, we bring an international community of music practitioners together, providing training and support to help get more music to more people.

The Soundcastle Community is an online network of creative music practitioners and a place to connect and reflect with others and share the challenges and successes of your work. Within the community there are a team of hosts and moderators to ensure you feel welcome and that the space is safe for everyone’s voice to be heard. They curate a series of topics including Wellbeing, Virtual Music Making, Connecting Questions and also two video series interviewing practitioners and academics; Connecting Chats and Book Club.

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The Soundcastle Community exists to connect the wonderful world of music facilitators; many of whom are isolated in their day to day practice and are lacking a professional space for conversation and development. We strive to challenge, connect and inspire conversation and connection.

We post content most days and respond to all comments and questions, within a day of them being posed. We welcome all members of the community to post questions, ideas and challenges and encourage vulnerability as well as celebration. We also host regular pop-up Zoom events with themes such as peer sharing, coaching circles and Zoom warm-ups!

Contact Rachael to talk more about The Soundcastle Community:



Within the charity we pride ourselves on looking after everyone that we work with so that our staff and freelancers can make the biggest impact possible. We offer flexible contracts for foster carers and families looking to adopt. We give mental health first aid. ETC.

We also openly advocate this type of work and enjoy sharing what we find across the sector.

We also provide training to cultural organisations across the UK.

Contact Rachael to talk more:

Soundcastle Director Rachael Perrin
Community Leader
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