Be Creative! Make your own music! Explore Musical Instruments! Find your Voice!

Musical Beacons brings families with children of all ages and backgrounds together to write new music and songs inspired by their neighborhood, their identity and the world around them. Parents and children get involved on an equal level, giving families a platform to learn and create together, and inviting them to make music a part of their daily lives.

We wanted to thank you everyone who joined us at our Youth Music Project in Bow! See you next time!

Taster Session: Thursday 5th September 2019

Dates: Thursdays 12th Sept – 21st Nov 2019 (Not 24th Oct, Half Term)

Sessions Times: 4 – 5pm


Venue: Langthorne Park Pavilion, Birch Grove
Leytonstone, E11 4YG

  • Who is it for? Families including parents, carers, grandparents and children of all ages.
  • Where can it happen? Any local venue accessible and convenient for families e.g. community centres, church or school halls, parks, children’s centres.
  • What do you actually do?
    • Share stories and ideas to inspire new music
    • Play musical instruments
    • Sing
    • Write songs and compose music
    • Play musical games
    • Perform at local events
    • Arts Award:  Soundcastle can deliver Arts Award Explore or Bronze level as part of a Musical Beacons Project.  For more information on Arts Award click here
  • Why do we do these things?  
    • Communities can make music representative of collective and local identity
    • Enhanced parent-child interaction
    • Increased confidence and wellbeing
    • Development of creative, musical and communication skills
    • Raised potential for music-making in the home
    • Reduced social isolation
    • Increased community wellbeing and connectedness   



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Entry is FREE!

You can register on your first day at the project or contact Gail below:

Gail: 07840 524 968 or email