The People's Music Collective

Creative and collaborative music making with people on a mental health recovery journey

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For project community members:

The People’s Music Collective at Soundcastle is a project which celebrates the creativity, resilience and voice of people who have a mental health diagnosis.


We use collaborative music-making to strengthen mental health recovery and reduce social isolation during challenging times. Our community members work together to build trust, playfulness and creativity, leading to the creation of brand new music. Exploring improvisation is at the root of what we do and enables us to welcome anyone to join the band from experienced musicians to those discovering music-making for the first time.

Every project is co-produced with mental health practitioners as well as the community members who form the band, ensuring that we work as one collective voice. Members are offered training in music facilitation skills and if they wish, take it in turns to lead the group through musical creation processes.


Through recordings and public performances, we tackle the stigma of mental ill health and celebrate the diversity, strength and creativity of our community.


Sound and Movement


The People’s Music Collective has grown out of an artistic research partnership between Soundcastle and movement facilitator, Simon Magnus. Since 2017, and with the support of Arts Council England, Awards for All and Worthing Community Chest, we have been researching how music-making and movement can be combined to promote wellbeing, resilience and confidence building in mental health settings.

David Jones David Jones,
Community Member on Advanced Sound & Movement Course, Worthing
"Working with Soundcastle has proved to be an immensely pleasant surprise. It has really helped me find something within me that I didn't know existed, or that maybe I had forgotten. After a session, I feel more confident, more in harmony with the world and I always go away with a warm, glowing feeling as the endorphins course through my bloodstream. Working in a group is a real joy. Moments of beautiful harmony pop up in the most unexpected of places. The group leaders are always empathetic and compassionate - in short, I wouldn't have missed it for the world!"
Loz Loz,
Community Member on Sound & Movement Course, Worthing
“I can't recommend Soundcastle highly enough. When I first started I was apprehensive,but I was soon made to feel very welcome. The enjoyment I get from making music in these sessions has given me a lot more confidence. A thoroughly enjoyable experience.”
Com Mem Community Member, Worthing “The enjoyment of being in a group and being free to express yourself not just through sound and movement but as a human being - It’s nice to meet people. I spend a lot of time being very lonely in my life so when I come to this group, I feel something better in myself.” Com Mem 2 Community Member, Worthing “What an amazing experience and journey - it's been a huge challenge, yet such a safe encouraging 'space' to explore and develop within - a totally 'rare' and precious time with special people.” Com Mem 3 Community Member, Worthing “Whatever we do in these sessions, I use it, it inspires me. It’s giving me more ideas and confidence to play with my son.”
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