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The Soundcastle Community is an online network of creative music practitioners and a place to connect and reflect with others and share the challenges and successes of your work. Within the community there are a team of hosts and moderators to ensure you feel welcome and that the space is safe for everyone’s voice to be heard. They curate a series of topics including Wellbeing, Virtual Music Making, Connecting Questions and also two video series interviewing practitioners and academics; Connecting Chats and Book Club.

The Soundcastle Community exists to connect the wonderful world of music facilitators; many of whom are isolated in their day to day practice and are lacking a professional space for conversation and development. We strive to challenge, connect and inspire conversation and connection.


We post content most days and respond to all comments and questions, within a day of them being posed. We welcome all members of the community to post questions, ideas and challenges and encourage vulnerability as well as celebration. We also host regular pop-up Zoom events with themes such as peer sharing, coaching circles and Zoom warm-ups!

Circles are secret online spaces embedded within The Soundcastle Community to which only your team are invited. They’re a space to connect, to share experiences and strengthen company culture. They are specifically designed to encourage conversations and enhance community, something which is so incredibly important in supporting wellbeing and resilience.


Circles enhance a sense of team, even when that team may consist of freelancers based all across the country (or world!). They enable grassroots community organisations to affordably build a company culture based on reflective practice, conversation and trust.


Within Circles, Soundcastle Coaches host regular Reflective Chats with your team. These consist of holding space for challenging conversations, laughter and reflection. We come with no agenda other than to support the conversations that need to be had and need to be heard.


To find out more, please contact Rachael

We want our sector to thrive and one way we help this to happen is through our one to one coaching for practitioners for their personal and professional goals.  Our coaching team are highly trained in enabling individuals (and teams through Reflective Chats in Circles) to share experiences and dig into how these are impacting on their growth and engagement. Our coaching approach is non-directive, meaning we are led by the needs of the individual or group.


To find out more, please contact Rachael

Within the Community, Soundcastle will run a number of courses for music practitioners and creatives, with the aim of sharing knowledge, up-skilling and promoting wellbeing and resilience in the sector.


Since July 2020 we have been piloting a new music facilitator development programme, focussed on three core themes; Creativity, Wellbeing & Innovation. This 6 month programme is fully subsidised by Arts Council England (including bursaries) and has been designed for practitioners who are within the first 10 years of their career in community music facilitation.


If you are looking for an exciting new CPD offer for your team, then have a chat with Rachael to explore how this will work in your setting.

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