Soundcastle offers a range of training packages in both creative facilitation and creative enterprise.

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1. Creative Facilitation Training

We offer Creative Facilitation training to individuals and organisations who are looking to improve, challenge or deepen how they engage with creative facilitation. Our specialist areas are:

  • Mindfulness and Resilience for artist practitioners working in mental health settings
  • Creative music making with families to develop communication and wellbeing
  • How to engage non-specialist musicians in creative composing

2. Creative Enterprise for Arts Organisations and Artist Practitioners

We offer Creative Enterprise training to artists and arts organisations, who are seeking creative change, self-development and an understanding of how to progress closer towards their ultimate vision. As a group experience, we ask thoughtful questions, listen carefully, share industry experience and empower individuals to clarify their desires, ambitions and vision for the future.

We explore how to make sense of what can sometimes seem to be overwhelming amounts of information and identify the simple step-by-step actions required to move forward and continue evolving. We promote an entrepreneurial mindset and a flexible approach to the demands and challenges of a changeable arts funding climate.

We carry out training events in a range of settings including conferences, arts organisations and community settings. Each event consists of a combination of Soundcastle resources, creative ways to activate and engage your team and practical ideas of how to get more creative thinking happening the very next day.