Playful People Making Change

SUSSEX & London

Welcome to Soundcastle.

A joyful, expressive music making charity.

We're making ripples of positivity across the country in communities and the music making sector.

Come and found out more.

We use music as a tool for change.

We support vulnerable communities to thrive, creative practitioners to grow and cultural organisations to make lasting change.


Our work increases confidence, reduces isolation & enhances wellbeing.

At all levels: in communities, with partner organisations and even in team meetings. We always openly advocate and model our work to share our learning.


We run embedded community programmes & offer sector support.

We get on the ground in communities to make lasting change and also widen our reach by helping facilitators across the country.

We are a united group of musicians, thought leaders and facilitators, who together, are positively challenging the landscape of community music.

Soundcastle is made by the people we work with.
Found out more about Soundcastle
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