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On Loneliness and Community

When we faced unprecedented amounts of time alone due to the ongoing pandemic, it seemed a good idea for me to pause and consider what it takes to turn loneliness into connection.

I’m still on my own journey with this!

I am an emerging community music practitioner where a time for going on placements in community music settings was brought to a sudden halt.

To say I was lost, confused, angry and lonely would be an understatement.

I felt disconnected from the world of community music apart from online classes where I was studying as an undergraduate in community music. I was surrounded by people online, but I still felt disconnected and unfulfilled when it came to my passion for community music.

It took a while to get there and a lot of back and forth.

It takes courage to be vulnerable, take a chance and take a chance on others and believe in ourselves. It might take some time to come out of a lonely space and know that sometimes it’s okay to not be okay. What you gain on the other side will be worth it.

Take a deep breath. You’ll be just fine, as soon as you need to be.

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