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SUSSEX & London


Goodbye 2021. You have been beautiful and messy! Full of moments of joy, moments of fear, moments of play, moments of exhaustion.


We have made music with communities in the South East, London and Bristol and have seen transformational moments across the country, with people feeling happier, healthier and better connected. It’s been a joy to be a part of so many journeys and a pleasure to host so many training sessions to enhance the ripple effect of the practice across the UK and beyond.


We are SO proud of the incredible team that make up Soundcastle and 2021 has seen our core team grow from 5 to 11 (with some fantastic new Associate Facilitators joining the party too!)


We have had support from a brilliant bunch of funders and donors and made lots of exciting new partnerships too. Through all the mess there really has been SO much to celebrate.

Becoming a charity! HUGE thanks to our amazing board (Sarah, Lawrence, Ruth, Akhila, Caitlin) and all of our amazing supporters for making this happen.

Our 2021 Highlights:

Getting bigger! We are SO happy to now have an incredible in-house team and this year have welcomed Basma (Office Associate), George (Bristol Project Coordinator), Wallis (London Project Coordinator), Jasmine (Junior Associate) and Mike (Junior Associate). We’re also really happy that Fernando has taken the leap from freelance to core team member and is now leading on our creative practice in the South East


We would also like to do a big shout-out to the amazing freelance Associate Facilitators who are on the ground and making the musical magic happen – Shona, Hannah O, Mike M, Bea, Annie, Deborah, Andre, Lauren,  Louise and Alice. We also have a brilliant team behind the scenes supporting with communications, PR and design, including Ricardo, Gareth and Hannah C  You all ROCK!

And most importantly, seeing the power and impact of Soundcastle’s creative music making practice in supporting people to be happier and healthier every day.


This vision was born 10 years ago out of passion, possibilities and friendship. As we come to the end of 2021 we reflect on the love that has held us together and the bond that still keeps us believing in this work. Thank you for being a part of the Soundcastle journey – we’ll be back in 2022 with more music, more happenings and more play 🎉

Take a break all – you deserve it!

Love Rachael and the Soundcastle Team x

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